tisdag 26 januari 2016

Makeup storage part 2

So here comes part 2 of my collection. I will show what I have in my IKEA media storage Kupol. 

I will show it from left to right and top to bottom. 

First small draw, top left :  Some mineral foundation and bronzer, from brands like Everyday Minerals and Sheer cover.  

Middle small draw on the left:  Some larger and bulky blushes and highlighters that I can't find place for somewhere else, brands are ELF, MeMeMe, MakeUp Store, Benetint, Elisabeth Mott and The beauty crop. 

Bottom small draw on the left: Lip lacquers and Lip stains, Lip Pro butter from Makeup Revolution, Freedom Makeup London, MUA.  

Top large draw: Lip sticks and lip butters from ELF, Rimmel, Makeup Revolution, Freedom Makeup London, NYX, Revlon, bellápierre, Make Up Store. 

Bottom large draw: Lip glosses, lip butters from ELF, Dr Lipp, MUA, Lumene, IsaDora, Esscens, Fig & Rouge, Hydracolor, anatomicals, Lollipop and a few more brands. 

Top small draw on the right:  Eye brow kits, cake mascara, eye liner creme and liquid, pencil sharpner and some small eye liner brushes. Brands are MUA, MAC, IsaDora, ELF, Makeup Revolution. 

Middle small draw on the right: Bronz palettes that I use more often, IsaDora and ELF

Bottom small draw on the right: Eye shadow primer, under eye concealer, eye creme and acne concealer. Brands are Urban Decay, Garnier, Makeup Revolution, Oriflame, Yves Rocher, Essence, ACO. 

On top of the draws on the right, I have a glass with eye liner pencils and a ceramic cup with the on going mascaras I use for the moment, an night eye creme and Egyptian Magic Cream.  

So there, now you have seen my storage that I have beside my bathroom mirror, next part will be about IKEA Moppe draw that I have standing on IKEA Helmer. But that will be next, and if you have any questions please let me know. Bye for now, 

Take care, Suss

tisdag 19 januari 2016

Makeup storage part 1

I am sorry, but for some reason did all the text disappear and I have to rewrite it again. *sigh*.. 

But this is my storage for makeup that I have beside my bathroom mirror, I will just write about the stuff that are hanging and what kind of storage units I have used. So here we go again.. 

First I have a IKEA dish rack hanging on the water pipes on the wall, And under that I have IKEA spice rack hanging in hooks from the dish rack and on some hooks I have big necklaces and a hand mirror hanging. And the white plastic media storage is IKEA Kupol.

IKEA Dish rack Grundtal and IKEA spice rack Kroken and IKEA media storage Kupol

On the top shelf on Kroken I have some hair brushes, eye shadow stick (don't use them that much), Body Shop Perfume "Green Tea Fuji" and some facial oil cleanser. 

On the bottom rack I have some nail stuff, different kinds of Argan oil, and facial products.
The bottle in the corner is a hand soap and the little white container in front is a nail polish remover jar. 

My brushes I have in a common cutlery holder that I bought in the supermarket. I will talk about my brushes in an other part so you just have to wait for that. 

And in the silver metal pot hanging from Grundtal I have some brushes that I don't use as much, but still can't be without, and of course a small hand mirror with Jack Skeleton, just cause it's cute. 

So that was all from me this time, I will be back with part 2 and then I will show you what I have in my media storage Kupol. So bye for now and see you later...

Take care, Suss

torsdag 14 januari 2016

Sneak peek into coming post..

In upcoming posts I will show you how I store my makeup as well as showing you the collection I have.

See you later..

Sneaky S ;)

Small haul from Freedom Makeup London

Here's a new little haul and this one is from Freedom Makeup London which is a sister company to Revolution Makeup. Both of these are UK brands and I ordered this makeup from Freedom Makeup website. Freedommakeuplondon.com

So here is what I got and I also have a quick rating for the products.

Lips; Pro Butter - Cats Whiskers. Creamy and quite sheer. A everyday tinted lip balm.  4/5.

Eyes; Pro 10 Eyeshadow Palette - Bare (limited edition). Very pigmented and easy to blend. Reminds me of Urban Decay Naked 1 palette in the terms of the shades. 4.5/5
Mono eyeshadow - Smolder 214
Mono eyeshadow - Nude 206
Mono eyeshadow - Gilded 220
Mono eyeshadow - Gilded 219
All of the mono eyeshadow are extremely pigmented and creamy. Just touching them is like a o m g moment. These are by far the best eyeshadow I have in my collection. And I have a "few" eyeshadow 😁   5/5

Face; Pro Studio Anti-shine Fixing spray. Like the spray, it's like a thin mist. 4.5/4.