onsdag 2 september 2015

Small haul from Kosmetik4less.de

Here is a small haul I received the other day. I made my order just two weeks ago and last Friday I got the note that I had a package to collect. I couldn't get it until Monday because the post office was closed.

But here is the stuff I ordered.

Essence - lipstick sheer and shine in 'all about cupcake'
Essence  - lipstick sheer and shine in 'hidden secret'
Catrice - Blush Illuminating in 'Coral Me Maybe'
Essence - Nail care serum
Essence - Nail polish Fun Fair in 'be my marshfellow'
Manhattan - 2in1 concealer and fixing powder in 'soft nude'
Essence - cleaning wipes in 'pomegranate and bamboo'

I haven't tried anything yet. But I will and give a review.

Thanks for reading,


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